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Thai massage
Traditional Thai massage is more than just a relaxation massage. Traditional Thai massage is one of the oldest healing practices in the world. Thai massage is well for loosening of joints, to relieve muscle tension and blockages. It improves blood circulation in the body. Additionally, fights stress and reduce depression. The Thai massage is an interactive body massage, using many varied stretching exercises. In addition, there are gentle pressure on reflex points. In addition to palmar, thumb and elbow techniques used for the purpose of harmonizing body and mind.

Thai oil massage / relaxation massage
Thai oil massage is a massage where your body is massaged gently with oil. The massage is similar to the traditional Thai massage, however, the squeezing and pushing replaced by rubbing the body with oil so that the body is soft and supple. By using oil the massage feels relaxed. With the oil massage the blockades will be massaged away allowing mind and body to function better. A regular oil massage is for many people a good effect on general health..

Thai foot massage aims to stimulate the reflex points on the feet and has a calming, therapeutic effect. One of the main purposes of a Thai foot massage is reduction of stress on physical and psychological area. It improves blood circulation, the organs activates and stimulates the nerves. Foot massage is supposed to bring the body to rest and parts that are affected by stress out of balance to provide sufficient blood and energy.